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Cars & Compatibility

All of our devices will work with Android, Apple, Windows, most iPod docks, car systems, motorcycles, and home stereos that have iPod integration. The easiest way to know if one of our products is compatible is to plug an iPod or iPhone into your car. If it works then one of our devices can usually extend your iPod integration with Bluetooth capabilities.

  • Which model should I buy for my car?
    • Vehicle sold with an iPod 30pin cable? If Yes as in the case with Audi, Mercedes, and other vehicles then the 1000 is the correct option. You may need a replacement 30pin iPod cable if yours was lost. Audi(AMI to 30pin), BMW(Y AUX/USB to 30pin), Range Rover, etc...
    • Vehicle has USB type iPod system integration? Depending on the model vehicle and also the production year results in performance vary but many cases require a USB to 30pin cable and use the 1000(30pin Connector) and in cases where it does not work instead the WMA2000. 
    • In cases where the vehicle has USB and AUX such as BMW and MINI Cooper vehicles the WMA3000B (Y AUX/USB connector) may function correct. Sometimes if having both AUX and USB the most functioning option will be the WMA2000 (USB connector).
    • In cases where the vehicle has AMI/MMI such as Audi/VW/Mercedes you can use the WMA3000A or the 1000


    We strive to make your satisfaction our number one priority and guarantee it. Due to variations in the entertainment systems of different production models your success will vary depending on the model purchased. Compatibility can not be guaranteed and you may be required to make an exchange to find the optimal model. (ie. MINI Coopers equipped with BMW style Y connectors with AUX and USB ports often work correctly using the 1000 and Y connector cable or the WMA3000B yet in some cases library support and steering wheel controls only work correctly using the WMA2000). You have the opportunity to compare performance and exchange your purchase until it meets your expectations. A full refund will be given if a return is requested for any reason within a reasonable time period. Due to variations in the entertainment systems of different models and different production years compatibility is usually achievable but never guaranteed.