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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the tune2air work for me?
  • The tune2air will work with most devices (cars, motorcycles, home stereos, etc..) that have iPod integration. The easiest way to know for sure is to plug an iPod or iPhone into your car. If it works then one of our devices can usually extend your iPod integration with bluetooth capabilities. Which should I purchase for our vehicle?
  • I have an android device. Can I use it to stream music from my Android phone?
  • Yes it will stream music just fine however when working with Android phones there will be no playlist displayed on the cars display.
  • Will it work with the latest version of iPhone?
  • Yes.
  • Will I still be able to use my cars hands free calling when I am driving?
  • Yes, you can connect to your in-car hands free system and the tune2air at the same time. When you receive an incoming call or dial, the music will stop playing and resume when you end the call.
  • Can I listen to pandora, spotify, or hear google map directions?
  • Yes, you can stream music from any app. The song information will NOT be displayed on the car’s entertainment screen unless it is music from the iTunes library. It also won't auto play music from the apps when connected and the In-car iPod system will default to play from the Music library.

  • Can I return or exchange if I purchase the wrong one or am unhappy with my purchase?
  • Yes. We strive to make your satisfaction our number one priority and guarantee it. Due to variations in the entertainment systems of different production models your success will vary depending on the model purchased. Compatibility can not be guaranteed and you may be required to make an exchange to find the optimal model. You have the opportunity to compare performance and exchange your purchase until it meets your expectations. A full refund will be given if a return is requested for any reason within a reasonable time period. Due to variations in the entertainment systems of different models and different production years compatibility is usually achievable but never guaranteed. 
  • What is the pairing code to pair my device?
  • 0000
  • The blue light indicator does not come on at all when plugged in.?
  • Unplug the cable from the car and plug it back in. If the unit never powers on either your cable may not be functioning properly. Alternatively if it is an older make model car that does not provide a correct power source you will need an additional adapter to inject power.